Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Hurricane Season Almost By - What's next?

Shshshh! Don't tell mother nature, but she missed us again! We're not actually through the season until late October when we should be safe - but odds are reducing along with the temperatures.

I was approaching this season with a feeling of dread which changed into relief, and that turned into tentative elation. Could we have actually missed it again? Despite all the terrible prognostication out of the National Hurricane Center, we've managed to get out of this again practically unscathed. Dr. Gray fails again. You just can't predict these things - no matter how much computing power or knowledge you've gained.

Now that is over, but here comes Halloween when people put candles into old dried pumpkins on their front porch. Out of the mundane comes an "oops". And it can be a biggie - imagine burning the house down just trying to please little Johnnie for the holidays. Be careful out there!

Accidental fire is one concern - whether it comes from open flame, an unattended pot on the stove, or faulty electrical wiring, the fact is that is most often avoidable by taking proper care.

On the other hand, theft is a loss that affects you making you a victim no matter whether you've taken appropriate care or not. There have been some reported opportunists hitting unlocked cars and even pulling right into driveways and cleaning out the valuables in 6 minutes. Keep things locked, leave lights on, watch neighbors' houses, even during the day.

The most frequent loss people are surprised by is Sudden Accidental Water Discharge. That can come from an air conditioner drain pan overflow, a stopped up toilet with a leaking flapper, or just a leak from a dish washer. Suddenly finding water in the house where it doesn't belong should be treated like a major disaster. Because it can cause permanent, yet often times avoidable, damage if not tended to properly.

Extra care can be all it takes to avoid loss. We can't control mother nature, but there are some areas we can have an effect.

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